Sunday, February 8, 2009

The modern day lifestyle. Is this why we are so sick?

I think that unless you live in a cave you already know the answer. In fact if you lived in a cave you most likely would be much safer then you are now. Instead of editorializing I believe that I can get the point across more effectively if I just state the facts and compare the prehistoric lifestyle to the modern day lifestyle of the 21st century.

The most important thing to remember is that 10,000 years ago the human race live as hunter- gathers and in later times we lived as farmers. Now we live as people that live off of farmers. What does all of this mean? It means the following:

1. Energy expenditure: Most people would call this exercise but it is actually a much deeper level then that. In Prehistoric times Homo Sapiens walked 12 -14 hours a day. Yes you read that right! Hours not miles. We did this without shoes and without a hard paved surface. As farmers we settled down but still worked very hard in the fields and did most of the work by hand, Even when the farm got automated it was still a very physical lifestyle. Now we are lucky if we Get in 30-45 mins. three days a week and most of us don't even get that much.

2. Exposure to sunlight and magnetic fields: We do not get the proper exposure. When we do get some sun we cover our skin with chemicalized sunscreens. There are 5 chemicals that are popular in sunscreen that are known carthagens. In counties where sunscreen is not used the incidence of skin cancer is much lower! The Earth actually had a natural magnetic field that is 10 times stronger then that of today. There are two reasons for this. The 1st is the amount of conducting elements taken out of the ground such as Copper and Zinc actually affected the strength of the earths magnetic field and second, the presence of strange magnetic fields such as that from radio. TV and cell phones. Many experts believe that this magnetic field is crucial to our survival.

3. Stress: Still an often overlooked one. stress back then was much simpler. It was either eat or get eaten. The stress we have today is of a different nature. When we were farmers that began to change drastically but it still paled in comparison to that of today, I don't think we ever had a caveman worry about his checking overdraft fees!

4. Our drinking water: The drinking water in this country is heavily treated with Chlorine and Florine. These chemicals absolutely will harm you. Fluoride in its pure form will eat thru a glass container. Chlorine will damage your arteries leading to heart disease. The link was found back in 1953 but kept from the American public!

5. Smoking: Unknown in prehistoric times early man ran away from smoke. Now many people run toward it! Back in the day of the farmer smoking was an occasional indulgence with pipe cigar or hand rolled cigarette and the tobacco was organic and free of food additives and chemical pesticides. Then around 1916 two inventions, one the pre-rolled cigarette and two, the lighter. Splendid combination!

6. Food:This is much to large and complex of an subject to talk about here. Suffice to say if you could not eat it one-hundred years ago, don't eat it. Also the way it is preserved has drastically changed from fermenting and salting to refrigeration. Oh, by the way it was estimated that prehistoric man eat between 200 -300 hundred grams of fiber a day. Our fruits and vegetables were still wild and natural. We Americans now get about 10 -15 gms! A tip. The closest thing you can still find to a prehistoric vegetable : Dinosaur Kale.

7. Electromagnetic stress: This is an easy one prehistoric man and early farmers had none. we do! From TV, radio, power lines, microwaves, cell phones and now digital and signals designed for high definition TV.

8. Environmental Toxins: This is another very broad topic. Toxins are found everywhere. and in greater number. Some fruits and vegetables for instance have has many as 12 chemical pesticides! Here in order are the ten worse:

1.Peaches 2.Apples 3.Sweet Peppers 4 Celery 5.Nectarines 6.Strawberries 7.Cherries 8.Lettuce 9.Grapes 10.Pears

Why did I include pesticides in this category? Because run-off from these chemicals poison our ground water. Pharmaceutical medications have also been found in our water supply. Vapor trails from airplanes are another source for environmental toxins as residue of these chemicals have been found in human breast milk!!

I could go on but I think that everybody out there gets the point. We are not living a lifestyle that is anywhere near as healthy that it should be. I am not saying that we should go back to what we were ten-thousand years ago. That would not be possible anyway but, there is a great deal that we can do to protect ourselves as much of these health risks are totally preventable. Know what is going on. Read and keep yourselves informed as to what you can do.


Helene said...

Thanks for your contribution to Take Charge of Your Health Care Carnival. You make some very important points. My father was a big believer in electromagnetic energy and chemicals in the environment as a cause of illness.

paul barton said...

great posting in line with my own thoughts. We have to find a way to get back to a simpler lifestyle. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in jan 09 and i have a feeling that most of the cause was stress related

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